A pictogram box for casual support


It can be used immediately with X(Twitter) integration.

What is Wavebox 👀

Wavebox is a message tool to deliver & receive emoji reactions anonymously.
Simply press a button to easily send your support.

Receive Emojis!

Receive positive reactions with pictograms. Review the support you receive and use it as motivation. You can also receive messages, so you can ask questions, make requests, and receive feedback.

Support by pressing the button

You can easily express your feelings of support by simply pressing the pictogram button. You can press the button as many times as you like, so you can send your message with the same passion! You can also send messages with pictograms.

Wavebox Features 🥁

My Page Customization

You can customize My Page to suit your usage, such as changing the pictogram set and limiting who can send messages. It is also possible to limit the use of My Page to only the pictogram button and message form.

Reply function that allows you to choose the scope of publication

You can choose to reply openly by sharing on social networking sites, reply within Wavebox so that only the message sender can see it, or select the public range of the reply page. You can also combine notification and mute/block functions to tailor your reply to your own style.

*The "Sender Only Public" option on the reply page is only available if the person who sent the message logged in to Wavebox to send it.
*The message sender is anonymous.

From offline with QR code

You can receive support from offline media by adding a Wavebox QR code to printed materials such as the back of a book or a business card. Because of the simplicity of the tool, which is dedicated to support, people who access the site can react without hesitation.

Let's get started 👋